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One of the inspirations for creating Mockingbird was to teach adults a more inclusive and comprehensive history that can then be passed down to the next generation. My hope was to gain enough support through our Patreon community to fund a curriculum for children at every educational level.


The growth of our Patreon community has been tremendous, but unfortunately, it can’t sustain itself while branching out into the arena of creating educational curricula at all levels: pre-k, elementary, middle and high school.


But all is not lost for patrons of Mockingbird. I have sourced a wonderful curriculum, WOKE Homeschooling, that is truly the curriculum I hoped and dreamed of creating.


WOKE Homeschooling provides resources for parents to educate socially-conscious children who will grow to become wise and informed world-changers. If you want to learn more about this wonderful teaching tool, its founder, Delina Pryce McPhaull, has been a guest on the following podcasts:


A2Z Homeschooling

Faithfully Magazine

Speaking of Racism 


WOKE Homeschooling offers conscious U.S. history lessons that are inclusive, relevant and engaging at prices affordable for families. I am thrilled to introduce them and to officially recommend them as Mockingbird’s curriculum of choice and give it our five-star seal of approval.




Mockingbird Telltale Letters


This monthly newsletter is a great way for kids (and adults) to connect with the greater parts for humanity through the tradition of storytelling and story-listening. Stories are the first touchstone for future generations to understand the past and do better. History is an anthology of stories woven from our humanity. Our humanity is bound to the stories we tell. Each Mockingbird Telltale Letter helps kids Pre-K through Elementary to explore the inner-workings of history through folk tales, fables, and fairytales, ending with a moral that showcases universal human rights, dignity and community.

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In the meantime, enjoy our first two editions:

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The Story of Twee-La Mouse


Mockingbird Pause & Listen Conversation Questions


Every month, Mockingbird offers conversation questions to help parents, caregivers and teachers to pause and listen to their middle and high school students, drawing them into deeper conversations about history, current events, and culture Topics ranging from the Declaration of Independence, to Beyoncé’s Homecoming at Coachella, to the new Texas abortion law.


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